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Learn Hebrew Online with this 21 short courses.

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  1. Learn Hebrew - lesson 1 - The Hebrew Alef-Bet: In this lesson we introduce the Hebrew script (print and cursive letters, writing from right to left), and learn the letters: א (Alef), ת (Tav), ה (Hey). We will also begin to learn some personal pronouns.Video Afspelen
  2. Learn Hebrew - lesson 2 - Hebrew Letters: In this lesson we introduce the notion of final letters and learn the letters: י (yod), מ (mem), ם (final mem), נ (nun), ן (final nun)Video Afspelen
  3. Learn Hebrew lesson 3.1 - Hebrew Letters: In this lesson we learn the letters: ד (dalet), ל (lamed), ר (resh), ש (shin), ש (sin) and learn a way of making a noun feminine.Video Afspelen
  4. Learn Hebrew - lesson 3.2 - Hebrew Letters: In this lesson we learn the Hebrew letters: ו (vav), ג (gimel)Video Afspelen
  5. Learn Hebrew - lesson 4 - Hebrew Letters: In this lesson we learn the Hebrew letters: ז (zayin), ח (xet), ט (tet), ס (samex), ע (ayin)Video Afspelen
  6. Learn Hebrew - lesson 5 - Hebrew Letters: In this lesson we learn letters that have two pronunciations -- strong and weak. We also learn some hints that help us know how to pronounce these letters when we don't use the Hebrew vowel system.Video Afspelen
  7. Learn Hebrew - lesson 6 - Hebrew Letters: n this lesson we complete studying the Hebrew Alef-Bet. We learn the letters ק (kof), צ (tsadi) and we also learn how to write three sounds that do not exist in Hebrew originally, but are needed for the pronunciation of foreign words: ג', ז', צ'Video Afspelen
  8. Learn Hebrew - lesson 7 - Introducing yourself in Hebrew: In this lesson we'll start learning how to introduce ourselves in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  9. Learn Hebrew - lesson 8 - Where are you from? In this lesson we'll learn how to find out where people are from. We will also be introduced to some rules of the Hebrew language such as the nominal-clause sentences -- sentences with no verbs.Video Afspelen
  10. Learn Hebrew - lesson 9 - Names of countries: In this lesson we'll learn how to say names of countries in Hebrew and some hints that will help us memorize them.Video Afspelen
  11. Learn Hebrew lesson 10 - Pronouns: In Hebrew, there are ten different personal pronouns. In this lesson, we'll get to know all of them, along with their different uses.Video Afspelen
  12. Learn Hebrew - lesson 11 - Foods: In this lesson we'll learn how and when to say "this" when we refer to a masculine or feminine object. The objects in this lesson will be food products.Video Afspelen
  13. Learn Hebrew - lesson 12 - Pluralizing Nouns: In this lesson we'll learn how to pluralize nouns in Hebrew and about the demonstrative pronoun corresponding to the English form "these".Video Afspelen
  14. Learn Hebrew - lesson 13 - Manners: In this lesson we'll learn how to be polite in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  15. Learn Hebrew - lesson 14 - Numbers: In this lesson we'll learn to count the numbers 0 through 10 in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  16. Learn Hebrew - lesson 15 - The clock: This lesson will familiarize us with how to say what time it is in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  17. Learn Hebrew - lesson 16 - Counting objects: In this lesson we will learn how to count feminine and masculine objects in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  18. Learn Hebrew - lesson 17 - The days of the week: In this lesson we'll get to know the days of the week in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  19. Learn Hebrew - lesson 18 - Introducion Vocabulary: In this lesson we'll learn to introduce ourselves in various situations in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  20. Learn Hebrew - lesson 19 - Family: In this lesson we'll learn about the different family members in Hebrew.Video Afspelen
  21. Hebrew lesson 20 - The human body: This lesson will introduce the different parts of the body.Video Afspelen

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Subject:  Hebrew
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Year recorded:  2010
Teacher:  Shira Cohen-Regev
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