Aerospace - Space Flight Mechanics

1. Summary
The space flight mechanics is the first course in graduate and undergraduate courses. The advanced course on space flight mechanics gets specialized in the sub s treams of space flight mechanics. The proposed course even though is introductory but effort will be made to expose to the complicacies of the sub streams in space flight mechanics.

2. Colleges
  1. Introduction to Space Flight MechanicsVideo Afspelen
  2. Particle KinematicsVideo Afspelen
  3. Particle Kinematics (Contd.)Video Afspelen
  4. Conic SectionVideo Afspelen
  5. Two Body ProblemVideo Afspelen
  6. Two Body Problem (Contd...1)Video Afspelen
  7. Two Body Problem (Contd...2)Video Afspelen
  8. Two Body Problem (Contd...3)Video Afspelen
  9. Two Body Problem (Contd...4)Video Afspelen
  10. Two Body Problem (Contd...5)Video Afspelen
  11. Two Body Problem (Contd...6)Video Afspelen
  12. Two Body Problem (Contd...7) & Three Body ProblemVideo Afspelen
  13. Three Body Problem (Contd...1)Video Afspelen
  14. Three Body Problem (Contd...2)Video Afspelen
  15. Three Body Problem (Contd...3)Video Afspelen
  16. Three Body Problem (Contd...4)Video Afspelen
  17. Three Body Problem (Contd...5)Video Afspelen
  18. Three Body Problem (Contd...6)Video Afspelen
  19. Three Body Problem (Contd...7)Video Afspelen
  20. Three Body Problem (Contd...8)Video Afspelen
  21. Trajectory TransferVideo Afspelen
  22. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...1)Video Afspelen
  23. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...2)Video Afspelen
  24. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...3)Video Afspelen
  25. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...4)Video Afspelen
  26. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...5)Video Afspelen
  27. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...6)Video Afspelen
  28. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...7)Video Afspelen
  29. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...8)Video Afspelen
  30. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...9)Video Afspelen
  31. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...10)Video Afspelen
  32. Trajectory Transfer (Contd...11) and Attitude DynamicsVideo Afspelen
  33. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...1)Video Afspelen
  34. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...2)Video Afspelen
  35. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...3)Video Afspelen
  36. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...4)Video Afspelen
  37. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...5)Video Afspelen
  38. Lecture-Attitude Dynamics (Contd...6)Video Afspelen
  39. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...7)Video Afspelen
  40. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...8)Video Afspelen
  41. Attitude Dynamics (Contd...9)Video Afspelen
  42. PropulsionVideo Afspelen
  43. Propulsion (Contd...1)Video Afspelen
  44. Propulsion (Contd...2)Video Afspelen
  45. Propulsion (Contd...3)Video Afspelen


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Common information
Institution:  IIT Kharagpur (India)
Subject:  Aerospace Engineering
College type(s):  • Universiteit
Year recorded:  2010
Teacher:  Dr.Manoranjan Sinha
Language:  Engels
Viewed:  1156 times
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